Wednesday, July 30, 2008

61st Locarno International Film Festival Lineup - Update

Here is the official fest lineup as posted in their site. The fest has the following sections.

International Competition
Filmmakers of the Present Competition
Leopards of Tomorrow
Piazza Grande
Ici et ailleurs
Play Forward
Open Doors
Critic’s Week

Here are the films for two of the in competition sections.

International Competition
33 Szeny Zzycia (22 Scenes from Life), Malgorzata Szumowska, Germany and Poland, 2008
Daytime Drinking, Noh Young-seok, South Korea, 2008
Dioses, Josué Méndez, Peru, Argentina, Germany, France, 2008
Elle Veut Le Chaos, Denis Côté, Canada, 2008
Het Zusje Van Katia (Katia’s Sister), Mijke de Jong, Netherlands, 2007
Kisses, Lance Daly, Ireland and Sweden, 2008
Liu Mang De Sheng Yan (Feast of Villians), Pan Jian Lin, China 2008
Mar Nero, Federico Bondi, Italy, Romania and France, 2008
März, Klaus Händl, Austria, 2008
Nulle Part Terre Promise, Emmanuel Finkiel, France, 2008
Parque Vía, Erique Rivero, Mexico, 2008
Pazar – Bir Ticaret Masali (The Market – A Tale of Trade), Ben Hopkins, Germany, UK, Turkey and Kazakhstan, 2007
Sleep Furiously, Gideon Koppel, UK, 2007
Sonbahar (Autumn), Özcan Alper, Turkey and Germany, 2008
Story of Jen, François Rotger, France and Canada, 2008
Um Amor de Perdição, Mario Barroso, Portugal and Brazil, 2008
Un Autre Homme, Lionel Baier, Switzerland, 2008
Yuriev Den (Yuri’s Day), Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia and Germany, 2008

Jury of the International Competition
Rachida Brakni , actress (France)
Masahiro Kobayashi, filmmaker (Japan)
Dani Levy, filmmaker (Switzerland)
Bertha Navarro, producer (Mexico)
Goran Paskaljevic, filmmaker (Serbia)
Liron Levo, actor (Israel)

Filmmakers of the Present Competition
Uprise (A Zona), Sandro Aguilar, Portugal, 2008
Alicia en el País, Esteban Larraín, Chile, 2008
Beket, Davide Manuli, Italy, 2008
El Brau Blau, Daniel Villamediana, Spain, 2008
El Sueño del Perro, Paulo Pécora, Argentina, 2008
Filmefobia, Kiko Goifman, Brazil and Germany, 2008
Je ne suis pas morte, Jean-Charles Fitoussi, France, 2008
Kinogamma Part1: East and Kinograma Part 2: Far East, Siegfried, France, 2008
La Forteresse, Fernand Melgar, Switzerland, 2008
La Orilla Que Se Abisma, Gustavo Fontán, Argentina, 2008
La Vie Ailleurs, David Teboul, France, 2008
Napoli Piazza Municipio, Bruno Oliviero, Italy, 2008
Par Dzimteniti (Three Men and a Fish Pond), Laila Pakalnina, Latvia, 2008
Prince of Broadway, Sean Baker, USA, 2008
Shorei X (Symptom X), Koki Yoshida, Japan, 2007
Welate Efsane (The Land of Legends), Rahim Zabihi, Germany and Iran, 2008

The Jury of the Filmmakers of the Present Competition
Bertrand Bonello, filmmaker (France)
Benedek Fliegauf, filmmaker (Hungary)
Cao Guimarães, filmmaker (Brazil)
Corso Salani , filmmaker (Italy)Franz Treichler, musician (Switzerland)

Special Awards
Leopard of Honour
: Amos Gitai
Best Producer Award (Raimondo Rezzonico Prize): Christine Vachon
Excellence Award: Anjelica Huston

To check the films in all the sections go here. According to their press release there is always the possibility that more films can be confirmed before August 8th when the fest has his opening ceremony, so I’ll be checking the fest news and posting accordingly.

Update: two new films were added, one to each competition section. Also the fest will pay tribute to Egyptian director Youssef Chahine who died on July 27.

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