Saturday, June 21, 2008

War, Inc.

The first thing I want to say is that I liked this movie A LOT! It truly is a crazy political/economy satire that uses mostly American humor to tell a story that if told in a more serious way it would not have reached the wider audiences that seems this movie is reaching and will reach. In the past filmmakers have done more serious political satires that have become cult movies and very few people have seen; this movie seems doom to be seen by many and even if not everyone will get the strong political/economy message and others will be offended and dismiss it as liberal, this is a movie that simply you cannot miss.

Tells a story that chilled my bones as tells things that could (or are?) happening around the world thanks to the power that large multinationals corporations have been amassing in the past decades. In my reading of the movie corporations are American, but in real life I can name a few that are not American at all. Also, think that these corporations cannot freely operate without the support of governments and in the near future there is always the possibility that they can become the government…

Well, the movie is set in the 21st century when private corporations have their own armies to protect and defend their interests. But in ‘delicate situations’ that totally relate to abolish/diminish direct competition, a solitary man has to do the job for them. Within this scenario lets go to the fictitious country of Turaqistan where a corporation, Tamerlane, owned by the former Vice President of USA (Dan Aykryod) has taken over the whole state and has a ‘delicate situation’ that requires one man, Brand Hauser (John Cusack). Hauser’s cover-up will be organizing within a Tamerlane business fair, the wedding of superstar Yonica Babyyeah (Hilary Duff) to Turaqistan President son. But everything gets ‘complicated’ when Hauser meets reporter Natalie Hegalhuzen (Marisa Tomei) and what follows you have to see it.

Obviously this elaborated setting plus humor allows the filmmakers to show and touch some of the most incredible and provocative issues I have seen on the screen while keep you totally engaged with great actors performances, fast pace, some war action, silly predictable drama, the proverbial romance, and moments of sharp dark humor, old-fashion humor and total American silly humor. You will laugh even when you’re digesting the satire message, it is impossible not to.

Casting John Cusack to play Brand Hauser is just perfect with a role that recalls another Cusack movie, 1997 Grosse Pointe Blank, but here he not only performs but also produced and co-wrote the script. Then with good performances are Hilary Duff -yes, and she really performs well- and Marisa Tomei; with smaller roles also Joan Cusack, Ben Kingsley and Dan Aykryod.

As a movie, it has all the adequate tech specs to facilitate you to engage in the story and pay much attention to nothing else. So most of you will be well entertained, which becomes a bonus to the satire.

I do recommend this movie to all audiences, as honestly has something for everyone.


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