Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nim’s Island

Lately I’ve been watching movies that do not deserve a comment here, so that’s the reason why I haven’t post that much about movies. Must be the season or is just another dry spell. But this movie was entertaining, fun to watch, and suited for kids all ages that enjoy family movies.

My expectations were low and with all the bad movies I’ve been seeing, Nim’s became like an oasis of fantasy, adventure, comedy and some drama that plays with animation, visual and special effects (for obvious reasons the lizard remind me of the Budweiser ads) and some little action. The story is predictable as it is in most family movies, but still it was sort of fun watching Jodie Foster doing slapstick comedy, Abigail Breslin was acceptable doing all the jungle things and the 300 guy Gerald Butler did okay as the father.

Think Robinsoe Crusoe or Family Swiss Robinson with Home Alone, place it in a island in the middle of nowhere and you have the story this movie tells, the twist is that the girl, Nim, stays alone in her island longer than expected, the father against all odds (and story credibility) overcomes everything, and a San Francisco adventure author that is borderline agoraphobic finally has the adventure of her life.

Have to admit that there where some nice shots of the paradise that was the island, but this is not a movie to watch because the cinematography, you watch because your inner child needs some feeding and you want to escape for a while to fantasy land.


P.S. Went to see Kung Fu Panda and believe it or not, I fall asleep!! Obviously I can't comment about the movie as I didn't saw much...

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