Friday, June 13, 2008

Frameline 32 – San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

The festival will run from June 19 to 29 and there are so many movies, shorts and documentaries that are impossible to list them all. For example if search by genre lesbian you’ll find 118 films and if you search by genre gay there are 112 films (I can’t believe there are more lesbian than gay!); then transgender gives 30 films and there is subject called Intersex that gives 4 films. Anyway the point is that there are many films in this fest and lucky those that live nearby and are able to attend it. But here are some of the films that will be screened.

Opening Night: Affinity, Tim Fywell, UK, 2008
Closing Night: Breakfast With Scot, Laurie Lynd, Canada, 2007
Centerpiece: XXY, Lucia Puenzo, Argentina, 2007

Michael Lumpkin will be honored with the Frameline Award and they will screen many –if not all- of his films.

Of course they will screen many movies that I’m “dying” to see and you can find them my wish list #1 and also shorts listed in my other blog. To check all the movies, shorts and documentaries go here.

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