Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I believe that it’s hard to review movie as has one of the most loved fictional characters of all times. There are so many viewers (and critics) that are die-hard fans of Indiana Jones that whatever anyone did with the character controversy was surely to arise.

If you browse the net for reviews and viewers comments you will find many that love the fourth installment, many that are in the middle (50/50), and many that didn’t enjoyed as much as they did the first installment or any of the other two. Then you have the ones that dissect the movie, the character, and almost every single scene and tell you about the good, the average and the bad.

So, let set the grounds for my comment about this movie. I’m no die-hard fan of Indiana Jones but of course I’ve seen all movies and I enjoyed them all as great entertainment. I’m no Indiana Jones scholar that will dissect the character as an icon representative of any pop culture; nope I would not do that for this movie or any other installment. Also, I would not complain about historic inaccuracies in this movie (even when I couldn't help to notice them) or any other installment. See, I have very clear that all Indy movies are fiction and their sole purpose is to create an escape moment by telling a good old fashion entertainment story with very good production values.

Within this context I have to say that the movie is good entertainment that starts with lots of fun action, goes into a slow entertainment moment that continues the story build up while introducing a new character (Indy III), pickups the pace and ends with stunning visual effects and tension at the climax in the circle scene.

Then I have to admit something else. The only reason I rushed to see this movie is Cate Blanchett! For months my desktop pic has been Cate’s photo by Annie Leibovitz as she looks so good. But I was worry because she was playing an evil character as I wonder if she could deliver, at least better than Nicole Kidman. Well, yes she does, as Irina Spalko looks and behaves in a credible way, even in that sequence when she’s fencing with Henry the third! I have to say thanks to Mr. Spielberg for such a good evil casting and for not killing her fast, as Blanchett’s character absolutely adds to viewing pleasure and entertainment.

See, I believe that a movie like this one you do not have to take it seriously, you do not have to think much while watching it and you will end up enjoying it a lot! That’s exactly what I tried to do and well, eventually I was able to stop thinking and just get into the movie/story and from that moment boy!, I just enjoyed the ride.

As a movie obviously is not bad at all. Cinematography is excellent, most special and visual effects are stunning, and tech specs are top notch. But then all is expected from one of the most successful entertainment duos of all times, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Of course I recommend this movie to all audiences and I just suggest that you find a comfortable seat at your nearest movie theater, sit down, RELAX, stop thinking and prepare yourself for a good entertainment ride. I had fun with this movie, so much that I know I will see it again and when the DVD comes out, yeah it’s going to my collection near the other three installments.


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