Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gendernauts - Eine Reise durch die Geschlechter (Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting)

I usually will not comment here about documentaries, but I find that this doc is one of the most interesting, provocative, educative, eye opener and food for thought that I have seen lately. It is about people introducing their lives and perspectives on gender, a topic that most of us know (or care) as little as society has allowed us to know (or care).

There are stories about women becoming men, men becoming women, and those that have chosen to stay in-between with a much wider range that I have ever imagined existed. After all, if you think about it with or without the help of any type of science there are more than the two genders that we are forced to believe there are.

What is outstanding is that this Monika Treut doc is not sensationalist nor exploits the people perspectives; it gives you people’s direct and honest points of view. By the way, in America media they been releasing news about the first ever pregnant legally man and I believe that if you have been following this news, this documentary can give you a better perspective to understand this “unbelievable” situation.

Not for all audiences, you really have to have an open mind that allows you to see things that society tends to hide, to make them invisible. But it is a must be seen for many that read this blog.


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