Monday, February 11, 2008

Co-Ed Scandal

Waiting for a Philippines movie I’m looking forward to see -Rome & Juliet- I decided to give a try to a 2006 movie by Robert Quebral based on the infamous (in Philippines) The Benilde Scandal that was about the first sex video posted on the Internet to achieve notoriety in the Philippines and in which this movie is inspired.

Basically tells about a young guy Leo that likes pornography and likes to film himself having sex with her very cute and popular girlfriend Claire even when she does not really know or like to be taped. Claire became bi-curious and when sees very attractive Miles in the high school bathroom feels attracted to her. Eventually the two end up together with the camera rolling. Leo keeps the video for himself but his best friend finds it and eventually ends up in the Internet. One of the girls commits suicide for the shame.

The story is told in a non-correlative way and this was one time that I wished they decided to do it correlative as with all the terrible editing, the trying too hard to be arty and the extremely awful music, they could have done better by narrating the drama in only one direction and perhaps it would have been a lot better. The movie is sort of a mess and the writers are terrible storytellers.

Even if this is only my second Philippines movie, it seems that directors lose too much time doing terrible arty stuff and lose track of the main story and when they eventually start the main story it becomes more interesting to watch. This is exactly what happened in this movie, when the two girls finally meet the story gets a LOT better. So, if you decide to give it a try I suggest you fast forward a little more than half the movie and then start watching, with all the going back and forward you will get the story the same.

Can say I recommend it, but perhaps you will enjoy the small but interesting scenes with the two girls played by Jennifer Lee (Claire) and Avi Siwa (Miles).

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