Monday, December 24, 2007

Lions for Lambs

Since yesterday I’ve been thinking what to write about this movie as honestly I’m having a hard time finding the words to what I really think about this movie. First, let me tell you that I’ve been avoiding it, didn’t wanted to watch it. When finally I watch it and started reading American and other countries critics and viewer’s comments I got more confused. So, I’m going to go with my spontaneous reaction.

The movie message touched me. In less than 90 minutes I had in front of me, one after the other messages that I have seen in the news, I have speculated in my head, I have heard others say and I have read about it. The value of this movie according to me is that in one place you have several points of view together and if you’re objective enough to be receptive to different points of view, the message has to touch you, otherwise you will feel that this movie is preachy, empty, liberal, etc. etc.

As a movie, well it has many flaws and I think that is based only in the screen presence of the performers. I did not liked Tom Cruise performance it was not believable, but Meryl Streep was great as well as Robert Redford.

What really amaze me are the reactions to this movie. You have to browse the Internet and find critics and viewers reactions, comments, reviews, etc. For starters the movie hits hard on the Media role in handling news with more concern to ratings than to inform people. American and international media reactions to the movie were not positive at all! That’s no surprise, isn’t it? So, I assume that the movie touched them and spur negative reactions.

Think that most American critics reacted to the movie because their own personal beliefs and were not that objective, which I believe is the human reaction when something touches you. So, I assume that the movie touched them and spur not positive reactions. International critics from non-English speaking countries had more objective reviews and comments.

Think that one of the messages of the movie is an invitation to contemplate the possibility of engaging themselves instead of being observers. I believe this is a universal message that applies to everyone in the world and accordingly American and non-American viewers reactions are poured all over the Internet with the most unbelievable comments. So, I assume that the movie touched those that have actually seen the movie and those that haven’t seen the movie but got involved in the many topics discussions.

My net take away is that it has been long since I’m able to see so many people touched by a movie. This is the real value of this movie to me.

So, I can recommend this movie to those that have been avoiding it –like me- and try to see it as objectively as you can. Then I suggest you browse the Internet and read as much as you wish the diversity of comments. Not very often there is an opportunity to get a feel of what people around the world (including their own citizens) think about America and in general, about humankind.

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