Thursday, December 06, 2007


This made for TV movie from Spain directed by Juan Carlos Claver is quite hard and emotional to see as tells the story of Pilar and Elvira that live a forbidden love in the last years of Franco, when Spain was still in the dark ages (to say it softly - I lived in Barcelona in those days, so I know how dark things were). The story is based on true facts that happened in Spain and have to say that I know real life stories very similar to the one you’ll be able to see in this movie; stories that happened in Spain and in other countries.

The movie looks and at times feels like exactly what it is: a made for TV movie; but the story is so compelling that it doesn’t really matter and you’ll be glued to the screen especially when the story gets intense. The acting is not that bad and one of the actress Susi Sánchez (Elvira) looks –especially in the end- like Kelly McGillis.

This 2006 movie screenplay written by Claver and Agustín Madariaga won several awards and the movie was honored with several nominations in TV related awards and genre festivals.

I believe that this movie is a must be seen in the genre even when is not a romance or happy story, as tells about those obscure days that I really hope are totally in the past and all the new generations don’t have to live similar things nowadays anywhere in the world.

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