Friday, December 28, 2007

The Bucket List

Can you imagine Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman together with great human roles? If you can, then you have to see this movie that moves from light comedy to light drama even when the movie is about two terminally ill men.

This Rob Reiner movie is not without flaws, but the two really big stars do save the movie with great performances that could move you to tears and make you smile more than once. Do not think that this is a teary melodrama; no, this road movie is far from it as not only follows a list “before you hit the bucket” but also changes the lives of the characters in such a serene and peaceful way that you will feel uplifted at the end.

Very nice scenes from France, The Himalayas, India and many other places they go in their trip. One scene I found particularly spectacular, when they have the conversation in Egypt atop of what it seems a pyramid while seeing another and the sky is blue and gold, not only the conversation is great but the views are fantastic.

This is for adult audiences and a must be seen for Nicholson and Freeman performances together. They are truly great.

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