Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Today was a good day to see movies I been avoiding to watch. This movie I didn’t wanted to see it because I knew what was about and that it will be hard to see. But since one of this days I’ll be able to see the 2007 Cannes Palme D’Or winner, I had to see the 2006 before. But I was right, as the story is very hard to see when you have lived in countries with similar history.

To me tells the story of how civil wars happen, how idealist have a dream, pursuit it and then when in power become like the oppressors. Tells a story of a very old saying: divide and conquer. Tells a story very close to home.

This Ken Loach movie is very good, of course, has great cinematography, great performances, great pace and a great director. You readers probably don’t remember much of this movie that perhaps you saw long time ago, but it’s a more than well-done movie. Then most viewers comment about the accuracy of the story and this makes me think about how short the memory can be and how we tend to forget what we do not like to remember. Wars and invasions are terrible, but civil wars are worst.

The movie has been honored with many awards and nominations, including the 2006 Cannes Palm D’Or.

I have to say that if you like serious cinema with a very clear and fluid story, this is a must be seen movie.

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