Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Funny and charming comedy romance that will leave you feeling good even if I have to say that at times it felt and looked like the old TV show Alice. But this final film by Adrienne Shelly has something that very seldom you see in American movies, comedy and emotions, as this movie will definitively stir some emotions in viewers.

The pace is nicely slow to allow you to pay attention to some clever dialogues and the pie making and imagining will definitively water your mouth. Tells the story of Jenna (Keri Russell) a waitress at a diner that is unhappily married, saving money to leave her husband and pregnant with an unwanted baby. The slice of life tells mainly about her pregnancy and how she at the end makes the right choices with a little help from Old Joe (Andy Griffith)

At the end the movie is a pastel-colored fairytale about love and pie-baking that works because Keri Russell gives a very good performance and Shelly who’s also the writer does exquisite pie recipes that work like great images and representations of Jenna’s crucial situations, like the I Hate My Husband pie, the Earl Murders Me Because I’m Having An Affair pie, Pregnant Miserable Self Pitying Loser pie, etc. Also the brilliant spontaneous poetry is odd enough to make you smile.

It is amazing to learn that the movie had a 20-day shot and with this knowledge have to admit that is a very good production for the little time they had.

Funny, quirky as real life and charming movie is not for all audiences as is what Americans call an independent movie, but I’m betting that most adults will simply be charmed by it.

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