Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sex and Death 101

This is quite a downer romantic comedy that I decided to see because it’s been a long time since I do not see Winona Ryder in the screen. While most of the movie she was not in the screen I have to say that the few moments at the end when she’s at the diner were totally her thing and she’s good. Then I may be a little biased because I used to see every movie that she was in and is hard to see her doing B-movies. I really hope that she comes back one day to do A-movies.

Anyway the movie tells the story of a man about to get married that gets an e-mail with the list of all the women he has and is going to have sex with. So no marriage and goes into a roller coaster of finding all the women. There is a parallel story about a woman the press calls Death Nell that does not kill men but puts them into comma. So, it is a silly story that a Variety critic describes as “phallo-centric humor” and gosh, is he right.

Still just for the few moments at the diner this movie was worth seeing, as Winona shines as always.

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