Thursday, November 01, 2007


A few days ago I saw this movie that I found absolutely uninspired and while I was thinking if I should or shouldn’t write here about it I found today a review that helped me to make up my mind.

The film tells about one day in LA’s Griffin Park where eleven disaffected people find both love and loss in the most unexpected but hardly believable ways. There are three parallel stories one about nudists, other about infidelity and the last about finding love when you’re thinking that no one will like you.

Perhaps the only sort of interesting story comes from suicidal April (Dagney Kerr) as her character is quite emotional and her performance is the most believable from the ensemble cast.

The review I found today was about Ricki Lake that plays Peggy who is Dennis (William Baldwin) wife and who with best friend Claire (Cheri Oteri) is watching from afar while Dennis is having sex with his lover. Besides telling about infidelity this story also tells about Peggy discovering her true sexuality and has a small scene where she goes searching to pursue her new found lesbian preference. To be honest I found the story absolutely unbelievable and with so many characters and situations, there was not enough time for character development and Peggy was perhaps the most underdeveloped character in this boring movie.

Then some viewers consider this movie very funny; have to say that there are some mild funny moments but definitively this is not my kind of humor, as I find no humor in the absurd. Still the movie has won 3 awards in American festivals.

I cannot recommend this movie for its lesbian underdeveloped secondary story or as a funny comedy, but if you enjoy humor from the absurd then you should give it a try.

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