Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ober (Waiter)

A dark comedy full of twisted humor by Dutch Alex van Warmerdam who also wrote the screenplay and tells about a writer, Herman that while writing a screenplay or something like that (you don’t really know), his characters start to become real and complain about the storyline. The story Herman is writing is about Edgar a waiter and Edgar’s story is what we mostly get to see in the screen.

It is a nice movie to see as there are some laughs but it was like a movie parody and perhaps only if you enjoy writing you will really get the pain of developing characters that don’t become “useless” and the final draft doesn’t end in a shelf.

Very good performances by all the cast, especially Edgar that is played with very good timing by none other than Alex van Warmerdam. The movie is still in the festival circuit, but has already won 3 awards and had 5 nominations.

This is a light and very dark comedy with intelligent jokes and gags that could have a wider audience beyond the festival circuit. So if you enjoy dark humor give it a try.

Since I’m a storyteller and I do like very dark twisted humor you probably guessed that I like it.

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