Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Memoria di Me (In Memory of Myself)

I think is a good movie and I say I think, as I do not really know for sure. It has breathtaking cinematography, very slow pace, great framing, amazing music, fabulous absence of words and outstanding actors expressions. But even if some critics say that the story belongs to all men, to me it was too hard to project the story beyond of what I was seeing.

No I did not enjoy the movie, but I saw it completely as I wanted to enjoy the amazing images I was seeing. Then I had to detach from the story to be able to see it. Why? Well, I have a hard time watching all the traits and tribulations of Catholicism.

This Saverio Costanzo film is set in a Jesuit monastery where Andrea (Christo Jivkov) undertakes the novitiate. The movie shows in the most dramatic and even thriller way novice’s life of semi-silence while some are struggling with their own faith and beliefs.

Among those that have seen it there is a discussion about the homoerotic content of the movie. In my opinion, the central issue in this movie is related to homosexuality, but I believe that is the viewer imagination what will allow seeing it or not seeing it.

The movie won the Golden Hugo at the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival and was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 2007 Berlinale, has other awards and nominations.

The movie is not for all audiences; you have to like serious cinema and a story related to Catholicism, priests, faith, etc.

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