Friday, October 12, 2007

Rezervni Deli (Spare Parts)

I do believe that good stories with good actors and good directors make outstanding movies. Spare Parts has several good stories, good actors and a director that not only managed to convey various stories into one screenplay but he did it quite fluidly and entertaining.

Slovenian writer-director Damjan Kozole film is powerful and provocative as it tells about the horrific trade in illegal immigrants into Europe by means of telling about the human side of two smugglers that you will end up sympathizing with them. As the story develops many other short stories are told, not only about those that search a better life in Europe, but also about Slovenian issues like the nuclear plant in Krsko and human issues like illness, guilt, loneliness and absence of love.

But the most interesting part of the movie is the unlikely friendship between two losers Ludvik (brilliantly played by Peter Musevski) and Rudi (Aljoša Kovačič) that with their multiple conversations touching many topics will make you think about matters that perhaps you take for granted.

The movie has a tight structure and is technically well-developed, there is nothing outstanding and everything is correct. What makes this movie to be outstanding is the story (or stories) it tells and the most complex and brilliant characters development.

The movie was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 2003 Berlinale, won several awards in Sarajevo and Slovene film festivals, was submitted by Slovenia to the Academy Awards and was the Official Selection in many international film festivals around the world.

This movie could be for all audiences that enjoy well-done dramas with extremely good characters development and stories full of human drama.

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