Friday, October 19, 2007

My Mainstream Wish List

Have to do a list for mainstream movies and with all the great movies coming, today I'm starting this list that will update regularly.

Ai No Yokan (The Rebirth), Masahiro Kobayashi, Japan, 2007
L’Amour Cache (Hidden Love), Alessandro Capone, Luxembourg, Italy and Belgium, 2007 (great story and with Isabelle Huppert)
Avril (April in Love), Gerarld Hustache-Mathieu, France, 2006 (Nice story about a 21 years old novice).
Ce que mes Yeux ont vu (The Vanishing Point), Laurent de Bartillat, France, 2007 (story seems good)
Frozen, Shivajee Chandrabhusban, India, 2007
L’Uomo Che Ama, Maria Sole Tognazzi, Italy, 2008 (interesting especially when Monica Belluci, Marisa Paredes and Kseniya Rappoport are here… is gay interest)

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