Saturday, October 27, 2007

Eastern Promises

Have to say that this is a very good movie, with believable characters even when none of the actors is Russian and a strong disturbing story that will keep you glued to the screen.

Can’t believe that so soon I was able to see again Viggo Mortensen and here he performs so differently and so good that seems like two different actors did Alatriste and Eastern Promises. But that’s what happens when you have a good director and storyteller, as David Cronenberg does a quite elegant movie with perhaps the best portrayal up-to-date of the Russian mafia in London.

The tale follows the mysterious and ruthless Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen) as he ascends the ranks of the mob organization thanks mainly to a pregnant Russian teenager prostitute that gives birth and dies, leaving behind a diary with all her experiences since she arrived to London.

It is a violent movie with a bathhouse brawl that is really amazing and even if is very violent you will be mesmerized by one of the best and most outrageous sequences from this director.

Here we find Naomi Watts that has a sedative role; Vincent Cassel that plays Kirill the psycho son of the boss Semyon played by Amin Mueller-Stahl and both have very good performances even when their characters are not necessarily likable.

I’m not supposed to like a movie like this, but this one is so good that grabs you inside the story quite fast. I find that is an intelligent crime thriller that most critics are calling a work of art… hmm, I cannot go that far, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this movie gets some Oscar’s nominations as is exactly what the Academy likes.

Know that I’ve been saying that is violent, but even if you do not enjoy violent movies like me, I suggest you to see this movie as is quite out-of-the ordinary and Viggo Mortensen really shines here.

I suppose I have to write that this a must be seen movie for those that like crime thrillers and those who do not like it I say give it a try, the movie is REALLY very entertaining.

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