Thursday, August 23, 2007


This post is long overdue, but as they say is better now than never… well, nobody says that (lol) but here are some comments about this site.

Some known readers asked me why I have those two columns to your left and some unknown readers found the reason why by themselves, while others are still wondering. Well, friends this site needs Java to operate in all its power to access any information you wish about anything related to movies.

Why Java? Because is really FAST! No matter your Internet connection speed you’ll be able to find whatever you wish is just a few seconds.

What all this means is that if, for example, you are interested in reading about movies with the Lesbian Interest label, you can press the label in the first column and you’ll notice that in the second column named RECENT POSTS all posts related to the label will be listed. There is a maximum of 10 posts listed, but at the end you’ll find the Older>> option to list more posts. If you find a movie or post that interests you, then you just have to press the post name and in seconds the post will appear to your right. You can view as many posts as you wish in this manner.

Here are some common questions related to Java that could help to set Java operative in your browser.

Is a Java VM Installed in your browser?

On many Windows systems, Microsoft's Java VM should be installed already. If it is not working, then you can try the other suggestions below and, if all else fails, try installing the Java Plug-In from Sun Microsystems (below).

If you have to install the Sun Java Plug-in: The installation is available at . You may have already completed this step and installed the Java VM from Sun. In this case, check the steps below to help determine why it is not working.

Are Java applets enabled?

If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0, 5.0, or 5.5, then your browser's security settings may have disabled Java. To check this:

Open Internet Options from Tools-->Internet Options (View-->Internet Options in some browsers).
Click on the Security tab at the top and then choose Custom Level.
Scroll down to the Microsoft VM section and make sure that Disable Java is not selected.

Do you have security software which disables Java in the browser?

Some security software (such as Norton Internet Security) can disable Java in your browser. Check your security software's documentation for details.

Are multiple versions of Sun's Java installed?

Some users have reported that, for them, a newly installed version of Sun's Java did not work correctly until they uninstalled all older installed versions.

If you have any other Java related questions, please post them as comments and gladly I will answer them.

If you do not feel like activating Java in your browser, then there are other alternatives that do not need Java.

For example, if you would like to read the posts included in the India label you can write the word India in the search box called MOVIE ON ONLY that is in the first column just below all the labels/themes. Press search and to your right you will have ALL the posts with the word India in them.

If you do not care about the labels or themes and just want to read recent or older posts, then you have the BLOG ARCHIVE where you can press any month and to your right you’ll have all the posts from that month.

Last, in the second column just below the RECENT POSTS you’ll find another search box. This one is powered by Google and is up to today still in Beta but I imagine that soon will be fully released. Here you can search whatever you want to find about anything that is in your mind, just like a regular Google search. But what is interesting is that the result of your search will be shown to your right with four options: This Blog, Linked From Here, Link List and The Web.

The first option, This Blog, lists posts from this blog and other blogspot blogs. The second option, Linked from Here, lists information in sites that are linked from posts from Movie On and other blogspot blogs. The third option, Link List, lists information in sites from the Link List in Movie On. The fourth and last, The Web, lists information from the web. All options list four links but you have at the end the More results>> link that will open a new window and give you the full search list. Of course to be able to open a new window you have to authorize your browser to do so in either the “temporary allow” or “permanently allow” options. Once you finish your search you just have to press the small x to your right and the search will disappear.

Why do I bother to have all this in my blog?

I am totally knowledge oriented and dislike “died” information. Here I’m building a database that has some for me interesting information about movies and other things and I want to keep everything “alive”, or if you wish, easy to find, to access and to read.

Well, that’s it. Hope my known readers now will be able to fully explore the blog and my unknown readers will find the site more user friendly if they wish to do more than just read the latest posts.

Again, please feel free to post any questions, doubts or whatever as a comment, or if you’re shy (as many of my known readers) do not hesitate to e-mail me and I will promptly answer you.

I thank you all for visiting a side of my private life (that’s becoming public!) and especially for your comments. Some of you have become my “online friends” and for that I am very grateful for your generosity to share your knowledge and wisdom with me.


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