Monday, June 18, 2007

Quand la Mer Monte (When the Sea Rises)

Yolande Moreau is better known as a theater actress and in 1982 wrote a monologue called “Sale Affaire, du Sexe et du Crime” (Nasty Business: Sex and Violence) where she plays a woman that killed her lover and confesses to the public. In Quand la Mer Monte, that she co directed with Gilles Porte, she plays Irene an actress in the road that plays her monologue from town to town.

There is more to the story as when her car broke down, a passerby helps her and gets tickets for her show. He goes to her show once and many more times until things get complicated.

This is a very French movie and if you like theater Yolande Moreau is a great performer and her monologue is outstanding. As a matter of fact the movie shows real monologue representations and these scenes are totally interwoven into the main story.

This movie has 6 wins and 3 nominations in French and European awards and festivals, including the 2005 César for Best First Work and another César for Best Actress to Yolande Moreau.

Honestly I enjoyed more the monologue scenes than the movie, but this drama has its moments with great scenes in French and Belgium countryside’s and some surrealism.

This movie is not for all audiences, as you really have to like road movies and enjoy French cinema.

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