Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today I just did an incredible discovery that I decided to share with you all. I found INA (Institut National de l’audiovisuel) with extremely well organized data in three main areas: processing audiovisual programs, for digital restoration and data protection; processing metadata, for indexing and electronic publishing; and, processing sound archives, for production and creation, through the Musical Research Group (INA GRM).

Consequently, INA conserves and provides programs from the public radio and television channels for professional use and for our pleasure, as we are able to watch clips from TV emissions about many movie related subjects like actors, directors, Cannes, films, etc. etc. and one of the most fascinating end products of all this work is called “100,000 émissions télé & radio a télécharger”. Here is the direct link to this incredible archive:INA Archives

What can you do there? Well, in the search box at the upper right corner write what you want to search. For example write Cannes. You will get 1,501 video clips and documents for this theme! Or you can also do the same search I did, which allowed me to discover this fantastic site, and search Jodie Foster. You will find 16 clips for this search.

Try the Jodie Foster search and you will find a perfect French speaking Jodie Foster and more amazingly, look at them chronologically and you will find how she has changed with the years!! She was an amazing child that became an amazing woman!

But, one outstanding discovery is this 26 minutes short about the Cannes Festival from 1946 to 2001 and here is the link if you have time to watch it. Cannes Festival

Understanding French is a must to fully enjoy this site; but if you don’t, there is an English section that gives some help to browse the site. I haven’t tried it, but probably will be smaller than the original French site.

This is a site where you can spend HOURS watching clips from old movies and whatever you are interested and has been broadcasted in the French public television and radio.

Take your time when visiting the site or you will become totally overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities –and information- you will find in this site.


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