Sunday, February 11, 2007

Man Chen Jin Dai Huang Jin Jia (The Curse of the Golden Flower)

This is Zhang Yimou latest movie based on the book The Thunderstorm by Cao yu about the Tang dynasty that seems to be stirring quite a controversy among viewers and not viewers of the movie, because a non-traditional portrait of Chinese history. Well, to me, this is a movie that tells an incredible story with such a dramatic and intense display of colors, emotions and grandeur that is a must be seen movie.

One thing I do not do with Chinese movies is to compare one to another. Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero and so many other movies are outstanding and some are cinema groundbreaking all by themselves. For example, I liked Hero because its colors and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon because the incredible beautiful scenes with unbelievable special effects.

The Curse of The Golden Flower has magnificent scenes full of color and textures, amazing special effects, beautiful and grandiose battle scenes; but, most of all, it is a powerful drama with outstanding performances by Yun-Fat Chow, Gong Li, Ye Liu and Jay Chou.

For moments I swear I felt like I was watching a classical Greek (a la Oedipus) or even a Shakespeare (a la Hamlet) tragedies, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out is based on an actual Chinese drama.

This movie has the first story of this genre that really catches me and becomes more interesting than all the outstanding cinematographic effects most of these films have. I watched it at home, but this is a movie that has to be seen at a theater to enjoy its grandeur, and I will do so, if ever comes to my country. I really hope it will come to a theater near me!

A must be seen movie for so many reasons, especially if you enjoy classical tragic dramas brilliantly performed.

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