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27th European Film Awards Winners

 In less than 30 minutes the live stream of the awards will began and in about an hour the awards ceremony will start. I'll be updating this post as soon as winners are announced, so if you wish to learn them fast refresh post often.

Unfortunately there is no way to embed stream but if you wish to watch ceremony go here.

Was thinking that this award needs more credibility as most of the "big stars" that were nominated are NOT there. Wonder if they learn who wins before the show so they HAVE TO attend (at least!) or not attend (which if done is really bad for show). I have seen my share of European TV, from musical magazine to awards and yes, the format is quite different from the ones used in America. I use to enjoy the EFA's ceremony because it was very elegant, very European and didn't try to be funny or an American award show. 2014 brings a TV show that is not that much entertaining as yes I do miss Anke and this is so boring that I'm writing instead of watching show. Sigh. Wish they could go back to the more elegant style of show.

With a few awards to announce it has become evident that Ida will be the BIG winner this year and is well-deserved BUT the competition was strong (superior!). Imagine that European Academy members wanted new blood, but check the filmography of Nuri and Andrei to notice that they have not made that many movies BUT the movies they have done are outstanding, well-beyond the ordinary!  Yes got the Best Film too.

Not much French cinema in the awards but very glad that a very good French actress, Marion Cotillard, gets the honor of being the Best European Actress even when she is in a Belgian movie (smile).  Indeed the lack of French movies success here confirms me what I have been saying (in sotto voce) 2014 was not a good year for French cinema.

Winners are in *BLUE.

European Film
*Ida, Pawel Pawlikowski, Poland and Denmark
Kış Uykusu (Winter Sleep), Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkey, France and Germany
Leviafan (Leviathan), Andrey Zvyagintsev, Russia
Nymphomaniac Director's Cut - Volume I & II, Lars von Trier, Denmark, Germany, France and Belgium
Turist (Force Majeure), Ruben Östlund, Sweden, Denmark, France and Norway

European Comedy
Carmina y Amén, Paco León, Spain
Le Week-End, Roger Michel, UK
*La Mafia Uccide Solo d'Estate (The Mafia Only Kills in Summer), Pierfrancesco Diliberto, Italy

European Director
Nuri Bilge Ceylan for Kış Uykusu (Winter Sleep), Turkey, France and Germany
Steven Knight for Locke, UK
Ruben Östlund for Turist (Force Majeure), Sweden, Denmark, France and Norway
*Pawel Pawlikowski for Ida, Poland and Denmark
Paolo Virzì for Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital), Italy
Andrey Zvyagintsev for Leviafan (Leviathan), Russia

European Actress
Marian Alvarez in La Herida (Wounded)
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital)
*Marion Cotillard in Deux Jours, Une Nuit (Two Days, One Night)
Charlotte Gainsbourg in Nymphomaniac Director's Cut - Volume I & II
Agata Kulesza in Ida
Agata Trzebuchowska in Ida

European Actor
Brendan Gleeson in Calvary
Tom Hardy in Locke
Alexey Serebryakov in Leviafan (Leviathan)
Stellan Skarsgård in Nymphomaniac Director's Cut - Volume I & II
*Timothy Spall in Mr. Turner

European Screenwriter
Ebru Ceylan and Nuri Bilge Ceylan for Kış Uykusu (Winter Sleep)
Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne for Deux Jours, Une Nuit (Two Days, One Night)
Steven Knight for Locke
Oleg Negin and Andrey Zvyagintsev for Leviafan (Leviathan)
*Paweł Pawlikowski and Rebecca Lenkiewicz for Ida

European Discovery - Prix FIPRESCI
10,000 Km, Carlos Marques-Marcet, Spain
71, Yan Demange, UK
La Herida (Wounded), Fernando Franco, Spain
Party Girl, Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, and Samuel Theis, France
*ПЛЕМЯ Plemya (The Tribe), Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, Ukraine

European Animated Feature Film
Jack et la mécanique du coeur (Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart), Mathias Malzieu and Stéphane Berla, France and Belgium
Minuscule - La vallée des fourmis perdues (Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants), Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud, France and Belgium
*L'arte della felicità (The Art of Happiness), Alessandro Rak, Italy

European Documentary
*Der Banker: Master of the Universe (Master of the Universe), Marc Bauder, Germany and Austria
Just the Right Amount of Violence, Jon Bang Carlsen, Denmark
Of Men and War, Laurent Bécue-Renard, France and Switzerland
Sacro GRA, Gianfranco Rosi, Italy and France
Waiting for August, Teodora Ana Mihai, Belgium
We Come as Friends, Hubert Sauper, Austria

European Short Film
დინოლა Dinola, Mariam Khatchvani, Georgia, 14' - fiction, Grimstad Short Film Nominee
Fal (Wall), Simon Szabó, Hungary, 11' - fiction, Tampere Short Film Nominee
Hätäkutsu (Emergency Calls), Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen, Finland, 15' - documentary, Sarajevo Short Film Nominee
Hvalfjord (Whale Valley), Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, Denmark and Iceland, 15' - fiction, Ghent Short Film Nominee
Ich hab noch Auferstehung_ (Still Got Lives_), Jan-Gerrit Seyler, Germany, 23' - fiction, Drama Short Film Nominee
Lato 2014 (Summer 2014), Wojciech Sobczyk, Poland, 12' - animation, Krakow Short Film Nominee
Panique au village: La bûche de Noël (A Town Called Panic: The Christmas Log), Vincent Patar & Stéphane Aubier, France and Belgium, 26' - animation, Vila do Conde Short Film nominee
פת לחם Pat-Lehem (Daily Bread), Idan Hubel, Israel, 18' -fiction, Venice Short Film Nominee
Pequeño bloque de cemento con pelo alborotado conteniendo el mar (Little Block of Cement with Dishevelled Hair Containing the Sea), Jorge López Navarrete, 16' - fiction, Cork Short Film Nominee
Чест Pride, Pavel Vesnakov, Bulgaria and Germany, 30' - fiction, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Nominee
Shipwreck, Morgan Knibbe, Netherlands, 15' - documentary, Locarno Short Film Nominee
Taprobana, Gabriel Abrantes, Portugal, Denmark, Sao Tomé and Principe, and Sri Lanka, 24' - fiction, Berlin Short Film Nominee
*The Chicken, Una Gunjak, Germany and Croatia, 15' - fiction, Bristol Short Film Nominee
The Chimera of M., Sebastian Buerkner, UK, 25' - animation, Rotterdam Short Film Nominee
The Missing Scarf, Eoin Duffy, Ireland, 6' - animation, Valladolid Short Film Nominee

The more than 3,000 EFA Members will now vote for the winners who will be presented during the awards ceremony on 13 December in Riga, European Capital of Culture 2014.

European Film Academy People's Choice Award: Ida, Pawel Pawlikowski, Poland and Denmark

The Jury Awards
A special seven-member jury convened in Berlin and, based on the EFA Selection list, decided on the following awards recipients:

European Cinematographer - Prix Carlo di Palma: Łukasz Żal & Ryszard Lenczewski for Ida, Pawel Pawlikowski, Poland and Denmark
European Editor: Justine Wright for Locke, Steven Knight, UK
European Production Designer: Claus-Rudolf Amler for Das Finstere Tal (The Dark Valley), Andreas Prochaska, Austria and Germany
European Costume Designer: Natascha Curtius-Noss for Das Finstere Tal (The Dark Valley), Andreas Prochaska, Austria and Germany
European Composer: Mica Levi for Under The Skin, Jonathan Glazer, UK and Switzerland
European Sound Designer: Joakim Sundström for Starred Up, David Mackenzie, UK

European Film Academy Young Audience Award:  Spijt! (Regret!), Dave Schram, Netherlands

As we already know Agnès Varda is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding body of work and Steve McQueen is the recipient of the honorary award European Achievement in World Cinema in recognition to his unique contribution to the world of film.

On November 17th was announced that the European Co-production Award - Prix Eurimages goes to Ed Guiney co founder of Element Pictures.

To check winners at the Official Site go here.

Comments from November 8th, 2014 Post

At the Seville European Film Festival the European Film Academy announced the nominations for the 27th European Film Awards and there are no major surprises for me as believe 2013-2014 was a year with outstanding cinema from not so "traditional" cinema countries as you can see that there is no major nomination for a French film even when there are several for French co productions and the same can be say for German cinema. Sight. Nevertheless seems that this year Denmark is the country with most nods thanks to many co productions of extraordinary films like Ida, Nymphomaniac and Force Majeure.

Not surprisingly as in my opinion really deserves all the honors that has and will get, Ida leads the pack with five (5) nominations and one win (Best Cinematography); nominations are for major categories that include film, directing, screenplay and two acting nods. Not far is Leviathan with four nominations (film, directing, screenplay and acting), followed by Nymphomaniac, Winter Sleep, and Locke with three nods each and Force Majeure, Two Days, One Night and Human Capital with two each.

This year the European Film category is remarkably strong with films by established directors that this year made outstanding films, perhaps their best up-to-date. I do not envy EFA members that have to decide which film is better from masterpieces like Ida, Winter Sleep, Leviathan, Nymphomaniac and Force Majeure. Difficult, very difficult. Perhaps as difficult is deciding which actress is the best among Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and the two Agatas from Ida. Not easy.

These are the nominations and six winners that were announced today followed by all the other categories that were announced previously.

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