Sunday, May 27, 2012

Final Day at 2012 Cannes

Suddenly I was here with not much to do so this is my real last post that will be more in the non-serious side of the fest.

Is too early to publish, so probably will come back with more info, later.

The Jury

While all the rumors populate the net, the jury works and thanks to Gilles Jacob -who has been very Twitter active today- here are some nice photos from the room in the villa.


The kind of rumors I like as is the best thermometer to speculate more accurately about possible winners.

From not reliable sources
Has been "confirmed" (not really) that Marion was called to come back from NY; then don't forget that Nicole Kidman hasn't left Cannes... Any of those two winning will be fine for me.
Audiard was ALSO called back... Audiard was at last night event at Magic Cannes
Moretti does not like Haneke, Mungiu or Salles, thus winner will be bizarre

Thomas Vinterberg and Mads Mikkelsen have been called back...

From really reliable sources
In Cannes, Mungiu, Carax... Audiard, Cotillard ... Getting interesting...

Me talking
Would be nice if Mungiu gets a second Palme? If Audiard gets his first Palme? If FINALLY Leos Carax get a Cannes award, la Palme? If Cotillard gets her first Cannes award? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Yesterday I was asked who could get the Best Actor award besides Trintignant? My first guess is Mads Mikkelsen, second Matthias Schoenaerts. An American? Hmm maybe Matthew McConaughey in Mud. But there are no rumors yet about who is in Cannes. The one that hasn't leave Cannes is McConaughey. Writing this and first gossip appears, yes Mads has been my expected winner since film was screened at fest. Then seems Pattinson hasn't leave Cannes too, if he wins I'll be in total shock!


Very Acid joke (free translation): Cannes rumor: only the Best Actress award will be given to a female. (took me 2 readings to really get it, ha)

Many, including Gilles Jacob (or who manages his account) have been saying: Habemus Palmam? (he, he)

Testing Links with Live info...


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