Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Hunger Games

I was going to watch this movie just because Jennifer Lawrence was in here as some of you recall I got very impressed with this young actress since her great performance (Oscar nod worthy) in Winter’s Bone. My expectations besides Lawrence performance were really low as no, I haven’t read the books, the idea of another “teen” franchise was not attractive to me, I’m no fan of scifi and well, I knew this was going to be more a mainstream blockbuster than good cinema. Last, I know actors have to pay their dues before being accepted in Hollywood and this had to be Lawrence turn to make money, get fame, become accepted by her peers, and hopefully continue doing great movies after.

So after that too big introduction feel so ridiculous when I say: I LOVED the movie! Not only is highly entertaining but also is NOT a movie to kill some time as after watching I’m sure what you saw will stay with you for a while, surely longer than what I imagined in my wildest dreams. Have to admit that is a good story and watching the first installment gives no real clue about what the next book will be about, so NO I’m not reading the books as don’t want to spoil the next movie installments. That’s how good this movie is. Surprise, surprise; yes was a huge surprise as after the two hours and half I wanted more, was so into the story that the end was a downer just because I didn’t want movie to end. Sigh. Hate the idea that now will have to wait two years –surely- to have seen the two next installments; that’s it if they don’t decide to split the last installment into two movies.

Enough rambling and let’s go to the point. Movie, story and performances are good, above average mainstream blockbusters and excellent production specs really enhance the entertainment experience. It’s a must be seen movie that will give you a little food for thought IF you haven’t read the books. Undoubtedly I do recommend it as great entertainment cinema as movie takes its time introducing characters (not many mainstream movies do that) and suddenly tension starts to build, thereafter is a rollercoaster with great rush adrenaline moments and the best of all, NO gratuitous violence.

I’m no teenager, so will not watch it twice or more and have too many movies pending, but I understand now what I read all over, yes this is like an old fashion movie, remember the ones that were for ALL audiences –against targeted to teens- as young, old and older audiences surely have already enjoy movie and will enjoy the series.


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