Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gay Movies Bits

Weekend. What a wonderful movie, one that I truly wish a storyteller could write and a filmmaker could film but for two women (lol! – that’s how good the story is) but I know will be very different as yes we women do not necessarily behave like here, even when men in this story are very sensitive –and realistic-. Film has been the object of many accolades in LGBT festivals but also in non-LGBT prestigious fests –like for example winning MovieZone Award at Rotterdam fest, the director Andrew Haigh winning the Breakthrough British Filmmaker award at the London Critics Circle Film Awards or Tom Cullen winning Most Promising Newcomer at BIFA- and yes I was very curious about this movie.

Well, movie is absolutely must be seen even when you do not particularly like gay interest movies as not only has very good tech specs, great performances, good directing but also story is very-well developed and one story that is not often told. Be aware that movie starts like if will be like many stories about a one night stand, but if you keep on watching eventually you will start to see that story turns into something more interesting, deeper and compelling, so I suggest being patient.

This is a very lovely movie that I find absolutely different to those that populate the gay or lesbian interest genres, maybe a little bit similar to those films that cast very well-known actors to ease the impact of a gay/lesbian story. But Haigh’s film has not-known actors so film is a lot more realistic, which will hit deeper viewers. Yes, it’s a good movie that I suggest you do not skip even if you don’t particularly like the genre. Enjoy!!! UK.

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The Big Gay Musical. This is a campy movie that fools around being a musical about how God created Adam and Steve, while the main actors try to find love or long-lasting relationships. The best way to describe this movie is that is the absolute opposite of the previous movie I review and one you can watch only if you feel like seeing something silly but entertaining. Should be honest and tell you that I found movie while changing TV channels and that’s why I saw it. Enjoy. USA

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