Monday, January 16, 2012


Seems like Emanuele Crialese has a special touch to tell stories about immigration as in Nouvomondo (Golden Door) tells about Italian immigration to America, while here tells about immigration from Africa to Italy. In a way makes me think about Sicilians that left Italy for a better life and nowadays Sicilians not able to deal with those who are looking for a better life in Italy. Yes, not an easy to tell story that is told remarkably well, without sentimentalism and a high dose of realism.

If story is strong, many visuals are breathtaking sea and island views with high production values that make ride quite interesting as starts slowly being contemplative of sedentary island life until tourists arrive and island plus story become alive to reach an intense climax that will make you feel several contradictory feelings. There are two scenes that will stay a long time in my mind, the full of tourist boat dancing to Maracaibo’s rhythm with the underwater take when they jump into the sea and the distant white shadow in a very dark night that advances and advances. Both are superb.

Film is the winner of the 2011 Venice fest Pasinetti Award, Special Jury Prize, and UNICEF award plus is Italy’s submission to Oscar great honors that are well-deserved as Crialese is one of the now not many Italian directors that successfully tell complicated stories with spectacular visual narrative –magical and realistic- and compelling storytelling that touches viewers deep inside.

It’s a great movie that everyone that loves excellent European cinema should see to visually enjoy, to think about illegal immigration in its many forms that surrounds us almost all over the world, and to question your own boundaries when it comes to save a life or not.

Big Enjoy!!!

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