Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Actress Tally for Current Award Season

As there are good surprises let me share the tally that up-to-today has Michelle Williams leading in wins and nominations, unexpected but quite pleased as she’s a very good actress that in my opinion needs/deserves more recognition from peers, industry, journalists, and yes, audiences too.

Michelle Williams in My Week With Marilyn
Wins: 4 (Boston, Toronto, Las Vegas, DC)
Nominations: 10 (Globes, BFCA, SAG, Phoenix, Houston, Detroit, Spirits, St. Louis, San Diego, Satellites)

Close by is Tilda Swinton that’s another actress that in my opinion needs more honors as every single role that she does is award worthy.

Tilda Swinton in We Need To Talk About Kevin
Wins: 4 (SF, NBR, EFA, Houston)
Nominations: 7 (Globes, BFCA, SAG, Indiana, DC, BIFA, San Diego)

Next surely the most honored actress in the planet and all well-deserved, Meryl Streep; followed closely by Viola Davis and not so far away newcomer Elizabeth Olsen.

Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady
Wins: 2 (NYFCC and NYFCO)
Nominations: 10 (Globes, SAG, Phoenix, BFCA, Houston, Detroit, Boston, DC, St. Louis, Satellites)

Viola Davis in The Help
Wins: 1 (African-American critics)
Nominations: 10 (Globes, SAG, Phoenix, BFCA, Houston St. Louis, Detroit, DC, Satellites, San Diego)

Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene
Wins: 1 (Indiana)
Nominations: 8 (BFCA, Phoenix, Houston, DC, Spirits, San Diego, St. Louis, Satellites)

These are the ladies that lead the race to Oscar and surely nominations probably will be among them and maybe, just maybe Charlize Theron will make it even do up to day her tally reads with only 4 nominations (Globes, BFCA, Detroit, Satellites). Also hoping for a spot is Glenn Close that has 3 nominations but from “big/relevant” groups as Globes, SAG, and Satellites.

Is still too early to find a clear trend, but I will not be surprised if Oscar nods look like the tally. I know that this category could be less predictable than last year which of course makes it more interesting to follow.


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