Sunday, April 03, 2011

Must Be Seen

A smart C4 documentary that is Must Be Seen for everyone that lives in an earthquake zone. It's a serious, scientific oriented documentary that explains how the Japan earthquake and later the tsunami happened.

Even if is serious and scientific has some moments that are not easy to watch, especially at minute 30.

I live in an earthquake zone where two platforms collide, have lived a massive earthquake plus strong aftershocks, but even with my experience it's impossible for me to imagine an earthquake that could last 5 minutes. If this happens here (or should I say when it happens here) 5 minutes will destroy everything and the energy that could be liberated will definitively change the geography of this country. It's very scary but I wish I could learn more information about this area, as good as the excellent explanation given to what happened in Japan. Knowledge is always good and absolutely helps to understand what could happen and what you could do. Of course in this country as well in neighboring countries/area we don't get any earthquake education.

Please watch this excellent documentary I'm sure will teach many what earthquakes are all about.

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