Thursday, January 13, 2011

34th Göteborg International Film Festival Line-up

The leading film festival in Scandinavia will run from January 28 to February 7 and here are some of the 442 films the fest will screen.

Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film

Opening Film: Kongen av Bastøy (King’s Devil’s Island), Marius Holst, Norway

Apflickorna (She Monkeys), Lisa Aschan, Sweden
Brim, Árni Ólafur Asgeirsson, Iceland
Jag Saknar Dig (I Miss You), Anders Grönros, Sweden
Odjuret (Savage), Martin Jern and Emil Larsson, Sweden
Princessa (Princess), Arto Harlonen, Finland
Sandheden om mænd (Truth About Men), Nikolaj Arcel, Denmark
Sykt Lykkelig (Happy Happy), Anne Sewitsky, Norway

To view films list at fest site go here or browse festival program magazine here.

Closing Film (out of completion): Isolerad (Corridor), Johan Lundborg and John Storm, Sweden

The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award
Given to the director of first or second films

Ryan Redford for Oliver Sherman, Canada
Olivier Masset-Deppase for Illégal (Illegal), Belgium
Alix Delaporte for Angèle et Tony, France
Athina Rachel Tsangari for Attenberg, Greece
Clio Barnard for The Arbor, UK
Maria Sødahl for Limbo, Norway
Federico Vieroj for La vida útil (A Useful Life), Uruguay and Spain
Derek Cianfrance for Blue Valentine, USA

To check list at fest site go here and to check other sections go here.

Romanian Focus section will screen six recent new wave Romanian feature films plus four classics (1968 to 1982), shorts, seminars and a Mihail Livada retrospective. More info here.

Festival will show ten “Red Westerns” that were often shot in places like Yugoslavia, Mongolia and southern Soviet Union; quite often the roles were reversed compared to their American models: good Indians and bad cowboys. The concept of Soviet cowboys and East German Indians has a strange ring to it, but the fact is that the former Eastern Bloc produced lots of western films from the 1920s until the early 1980s. Read more here.

Also very interesting is The Dragon Award for New Talent that’s defined as: “The World’s Largest Online Short Film Competition” that screens short films for you to watch and VOTE. There are many shorts that you can find here voting is open until January 17th and winner will be announced on February 4th.

Film closing ceremony is Saturday, February 5.

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