Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Special Relationship

A quite interesting film about the relationship of two powerful men, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, that if is accurate or not is not relevant; what is relevant for me is how their friendship aligns with what I can call “English-speaking” foreign policies that probably opened the door to more incidents that we can imagine. I’m very political but promised myself to not write anything political in this blog, so won’t do more than the above comment that perhaps some of you will notice my (not so) hidden sarcasm.

Anyway the film tells about Tony Blair going to Washington D.C. before getting elected and gets some smart advice on how to take the Labor party on top again. While on campaign Blair calls Clinton attention, gets an invitation to visit him and when Blair arrives in DC gets the VIP treatment. Blair gets elected and the so-called “special relationship” between UK and USA becomes more real as both leaders form a complex personal friendship. Just for the relationship story the movie is interesting but I believe is sprinkled with some very important words that I’m sure will make many think a lot about how world leaders handle world situations.

Performances are very good with Michael Sheen doing an extraordinary representation of Tony Blair as he has done in Stephen Frear’s The Deal and The Queen, so good are his performances than in my mind the imagine of real Blair is absolutely blurred by Sheen’s interpretation. But this made-for-TV movie reminded me of the real Tony Blair with the last real-life scenes with Bush and I’m really glad that director Richard Loncraine decided to skip the Bush-Blair relationship from the final cut as would have change the movie tone and manner to the not positive. Totally agree that the Blair-Clinton relationship not only is more colorful but also is more entertaining.

As a movie is acceptable for a made-for-TV film and at the end what makes it entertaining are actors’ performances and the story being told that even when we know it still can surprise us in many aspects when we’re watching a dramatization of true events.

If you enjoyed The Deal and The Queen I’m positive that you’ll enjoy this film and if you didn’t, you can also enjoy the film as a portrait of two powerful world leaders’ relationship as I believe this is the most interesting ‘political-wise’ story of the three. Can’t help to say that I strongly recommend this movie to everyone that does NOT live in UK or USA as maybe will make you think about issues that most people (and media) avoid to think (or talk) about.


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