Sunday, September 05, 2010

Robin Hood

I came to this film with no expectations as even when was the opening film of 2010 Cannes I wasn't really interested in watching 'another' Robin Hood tale, now with 'old' actors performing the audacious hero and his followers. How wrong I was!

My second 2010 Cannes film became a huge surprise to me and even when is only the second I'm able to watch I say: It was a great classic, epic, history based (even if is more fiction than fact) and highly entertaining film that slowly, very slowly grabs your attention, gets you inside the story until without you really realizing it, you're absolutely absorbed by it; excellent storytelling, the best I have seen from Cannes 2010 up-to-date.

No, is not 'another' Robin Hood tale as ends when all the other tales begin and if you want to find 'connections' between previous Robin Hood stories and the one told here, you'll probably not find many.

Film tells about how Robin Longstride, an archer with King Richard Lionheart Crusades army, becomes the man that many followed before and after he was declared an outlaw by King John. Set in times when King Richard is coming back to England from his not-so-glorious crusades, ransacking towns to get some riches for his almost broke kingdom and how King Philip of France plots to kill King Richard, turn English barons against King John to easily invade/conquer England.

So what's so great about this movie? First, the story that's engaging. Second, the recreation of the period is excellent. Third, Ridley Scott's extraordinary storytelling style. Fourth, amazing -truly amazing- cast. Fifth, excellent balance between drama, romance and yes, battles. Sixth, some awesome natural scenarios that totally add to the drama before the battle. Last, is a very complete and well-crafted cinematic experience.

Not long ago a friend asked me what was my Cate Blanchett favorite movie and I said, Elizabeth I; but after watching her outstanding performance here, I change and say it's Robin Hood. She had such an interesting character that with her amazing histrionic abilities she made a Marion like no other you have seen and probably will never do in the future. That's how great she's in this movie that you'll not be able to take your eyes from her when she's on a scene and some are gloriously slow allowing time to pay attention to her facial expressions that tell more than words could. Fantastic! To me she absolutely stole the movie.

But that doesn't mean that other actors were not good as all lead and supporting actors had great performances, including Russell Crowe, Max von Sydow, William Hurt, and Danny Huston to name a few.

When the movie was over I couldn't helped but wanted MORE , wanted the story to continue, wanted to go on watching such an amazing assembled cast. But most of all, I was surprised by how good the movie was, I even applauded!

I strongly recommend this movie as great epic Hollywood cinema, like maybe Scott's Gladiator was in his time - but this is nothing like Gladiator is a different 'beast'. If you were thinking about skipping the movie because you think that's another Robin Hood tale (like me) be assured that is not and is so different that some naive viewers ask: why this movie is called Robin Hood, if is not Robin Hood? Lol!

Absolutely enjoyed the film, but I know that has to not be what the majority expect from a Hollywood movie, which as you probably guessed, is exactly what makes it more appealing to me and definitively the dvd will go into my collection.

Big Enjoy!!!

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