Monday, April 26, 2010

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (Welcome to the Sticks)

By now some of you know that I LOVE French cinema and that I have a hard time with comedies. If you browse the blog you will see that the words French and comedy together are simply non-existent. That's until today.

Yes waited until was shown in cable and finally watched one of the most successful French movies in recent times. The big surprise is that I like it! Yes, I laugh (not too much but I did) and felt very good (after a terrible day) when was over.

This Dany Boon film is great for the story, the comedy timing, the type of comedy, and good actors performances that not often use exaggerated gestures that I simply and strongly dislike. Tells about Phillippe, post office director, trying to please his wife and scamming to get transferred to a nicer ocean-side town in the South. When he gets caught he's banished to the North of France to a tiny city, Berges. No worst punishment as up North is cold, inhabited by 'simple' and uneducated people, unemployed miners that speak an incomprehensible dialect called Ch'ti. His wife stays in sunny South and he alone goes to a worst place than Siberia... according to what everyone in the South says. The rest you have to watch and just let me tell you one phrase from the movie 'foreigners cry twice when they come up north, once when they arrive and another when they leave'.

Perhaps is the best story I have ever seen about prejudice and the humor made it so easy to watch that was highly entertaining. If you haven't seen it I suggest to check your cable -or movie rental- perhaps they are showing this great film that maybe looses a bit in translation, but if you understand French you will laugh and laugh with the dialect speaking very funny moments.

Excellent film for an entertaining and escape moment. A while back I remember I swore that will never watch again a French comedy, but gee this comedy was really an exception.


Watch trailer (with English subtitles) @ Movie On Companion

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