Friday, March 26, 2010

News about 63rd Festival de Cannes

Too early for Cannes 2010? Not really as this year will run from May 12 to 23 and as of today the first massive press release hit the waves. The news? Ridley Scott's Robin Hood will open Cannes. Starring none other than Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett the epic surely blockbuster becomes another Hollywood film to open the fest, which does not happen that often. Thankfully the film will be screened out of competition. If you feel like reading the film synopsis and watch a video go here and the trailer is at the front page of the official Cannes fest website. By-the-way, the film will be released in the USA and UK on May 14, so Cannes is the official premiere.

This year the President of the jury is none other than Tim Burton and according to Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian he's the perfect Cannes president. Here is an excerpt from his article and full article is here.

"In a way, Burton is the perfect Cannes president. He looks like every American's view of a Euro-intellectual (dishevelled, black shades), is but also a very ­Europeanised Hollywood film director, with his intensively designed and sepulchrally atmospheric Goth-type pictures, in which Depp is a regular performer. His next film, Alice In Wonderland, starring Depp as the Mad Hatter and out in two months, will underline his reputation as a film-maker with a very personal style."

Very interesting is the list with the selected 15 projects from 15 countries in the sixth edition of L'Atelier 2010, check it out.

The Ardor, Pablo Fendrik, Argentina - 3rd feature film
Zincograph, Javor Gardev, Bulgaria - 2nd feature film
Gibier d'élevage, Rithy Panh, Cambodia and France - 10th feature film
Dream and Silence, Jaime Rosales,Spain - 4th feature film
Shanghai - Belleville, Show-Chun Lee, France - 1st feature film
Liza, the Fox-Fairy, Károly Ujj Mészáros,Hungary - 1st feature film
Postcards from the zoo, Edwin, Indonesia - 2nd feature film
Khorramshahr, Massoud Bakhshi,Iran - 1st feature film
Decadent Sisters, Shinji Aoyama,Japan - 15th feature film
Les Etoiles de Sidi Moumen, Nabil Ayouch, Morocco - 5th feature film
La Jaula de Oro, Diego Quemada-Diez, Mexico - 1st feature film
Code Blue, Urszula Antoniak, Netherlands - 2nd feature film
Circles, Srdan Golubovic, Serbia - 3rd feature film
Come to my voice, Hüseyin Karabey,Turkey - 2nd feature film
Lucia, Ruben Sierra Salles, Venezuela - 1st feature film

The Livre des Projects will be available from April 15th on the Cinefondation website, so I'll be checking the projects.

April will be when the fest news will start to come and I can hardly believe that the year went by so fast, as very soon Movie On will become all about Cannes 2010 as usually happens with the "Mother of all Festivals".

Last, for the first time here,le Marché du Film poster included to light up the post.


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