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Saturday, March 13, 2010

More about Oscar Winning Director

Not very often I read articles in 'serious' publications about the so-called 'glass ceiling'and women struggle to break it as well as dismantling stereotypes about what types of films women can and should direct. Manohla Dargis wrote on March 10th in the New York Times an article that is much worth reading and definitively food-for-thought to women all over the world. Alright we all know that the American Society is perhaps one of the most sexist societies in the Occidental world, but I found the article direct and well-written. Just check the first paragraph.

"KATHRYN BIGELOW’S two-fisted win at the Academy Awards for best director and best film for “The Hurt Locker” didn’t just punch through the American movie industry’s seemingly shatterproof glass ceiling; it has also helped dismantle stereotypes about what types of films women can and should direct. It was historic, exhilarating, especially for women who make movies and women who watch movies, two groups that have been routinely ignored and underserved by an industry in which most films star men and are made for and by men. It’s too early to know if this moment will be transformative — but damn, it feels so good."

I strongly suggest to readers -male and female- to read the article that's here.

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