Sunday, September 06, 2009

Idealny facet dla mojej dziewczyny (The Perfect Guy for My Girlfriend)

Not very often I have the opportunity to watch a Polish movie, so I couldn’t resist watching this movie even when belongs to the comedy genre. The good news is that comedy Polish style is dry and darkish, which means that I was able to watch it completely and enjoy this satire about the Catholic Church, TV talk shows, madness and feminist movements. But also means that if you’re looking forward to a regular American type of comedy this is not the film to watch.

The movie totally belongs to the lesbian interest genre, but the story really portraits lesbianism in a very satirical and not positive way which may offend many and/or dismiss what you see as negative stereotyping. But everything that this story touches is portrayed not positively (it is a dry satire after all!), so definitively it’s not a particular attack to lesbianism. Still is a crazy comedy with a crazy story and lots of crazy characters.

As far as I was able to read in the net, the movie mainly satirizes a real radio station that has strong influence in Polish politics. Before watching I had no idea, but while watching I early noticed that comedy was the best way to ridicule and satirize touchy issues in Catholic countries like Poland and many others. Definitively noticing this made easier for me to watch the entire film.

So if you do not mind watching Catholic Church and feminist movement strong satire then perhaps you should give this movie a try. I’m not sure if regular audiences to the lesbian interest genre will like this movie as definitively does not look or feel like the regular films and stories in the genre.

Ah! The story. Not easy to explain. Hmm, let see, the main thing is that every character is related to one another in any way. A priest that does everything and anything to advance in the priesthood and to benefit the Catholic radio station. His sister that helps him until she finally accepts what she is. His other sister that’s in a mental institution and her son, Kostek, that is also going crazy, helps his uncle and aunt with their Church work and falls for a woman, Luna, that’s in a relationship with another woman, Klara. This allows me to go to the lesbian couple, where Klara is a feminist with a broke feminist group that to make money decides to do an erotic film that will empower women. The star is Luna and the leading man is Kostek. So it’s easy to imagine that Luna and Kostek end up together for real, while Klara ends up with Kostek’s ex-gf. Ah! Klara’s gay partner is Kostek father! Last, everyone is blackmailing the TV show host for air time; the reason: he’s married and used to have Luna as his mistress. Confused?

I know I almost gave the complete plot, but I wanted to do it so you can decide if you want to watch it or not.

I liked the movie as a satire, but not much as a lesbian interest genre film. So if you enjoy the genre, watch it at your own risk.


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