Tuesday, September 08, 2009

66th Venice Film Festival News

Golden Lion to John Lasseter

As I have been commenting, animation is getting validated at the film festivals circuit by major festivals and my impression is that Pixar and the Pixar team conquered an enviable position as now has the honor of having a Golden Lion.

This is an edited video of the ceremony where George Lucas presented John Lasseter with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.

Opening Ceremony

This is a video with excerpts from the fest opening ceremony.

I think La Biennale has to learn more from Cannes and hopefully next year they will have net access to high definition videos from the ceremonies and all the events that happen in the fest like photo calls, press conferences, etc. It's remarkable that the "oldest festival" in the World does not promote better its own image to international audiences that today care about the fest and surely with better promotion many more cinema lovers will be interested to follow La Mostra live and/or during the time the fest runs.

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