Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tropic Thunder

My photographer friend suggested that I should see this film that until that moment I definitively was not interested in watching, as I knew it was a very American humor comedy that I definitively do not appreciate. Nevertheless I decided to give it a try as I also knew what the movie was about and well, a movie that makes fun of Hollywood action movies could be interesting to watch.

The experience was not positive. The first time I tried to watch it I fall asleep almost in the beginning. The second time I forced myself to watch it complete but definitively this is not my kind of entertainment at all, no matter if I truly believe that there should be more Hollywood filmmaking satires, so perhaps they could get motivated do good money collecting blockbusters that allows them to once in a while produce good cinema.

Have to say that I do enjoy most of Ben Stiller movies for entertainment purposes and find his last directorial effort, Zoolander to be a good satire that made me laugh occasionally; but here there was not more than a smile at the very beginning of the movie with the fake trailers. Robert Downey Jr. Oscar nominated performance is acceptable as well as Ben Stiller’s Rambo alike, both have characters that are not as unappealing as the rest of the cast.

So, please do not expect a review of Pineapple Express as I know I will not watch it and I know that probably many of you enjoyed or will enjoy what has been called by many as one of the best 2008 comedies.


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