Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

I enjoyed the movie more for entertainment purposes and lead actors performances than for the story or the tech specs, as this American indie by the producers of the acclaimed Little Miss Sunshine lacks a more developed and interesting script plus more elaborated tech specs to make it an out of the ordinary indie. Still, who can resist a film with Emily Blunt and Amy Adams in the lead roles? Not me.

This Chirstine Jeffs films tells –according to me- the story of two sisters, Rose and Norah Lorkowski, that are trying to overcome their traumas from the past so they can start to live their present and future lives with better self-esteem. The vehicle to tell the story is the creation of Rose’s unusual business, the removal/crime scene clean-up service and Rose convincing her trouble maker sister to work for her with disastrous consequences.

One unfortunately underdeveloped subplot tells about Norah and Lynn (Mary Lynn Rajskub) not so casual encounter and as I already knew from reading the news, most of their scenes sadly ended in the editing room; which is really sorry to say as Rajskub’s character is lesbian. Still there is one short scene when both are at a club that is funny and unexpected with Lynn eating (or licking?) a candy necklace.

But the film is entertaining with both lead actresses doing great performances and I believe that Emily Blunt really steals the movie with a very colorful character and out of the ordinary performance. Also worth to mention are supporting roles by Alan Arkin as their father and young Jason Spevack as Rose’s son; both have remarkable moments.

If you’re in the mood for a darkish amusing entertaining film, then this is a must be seen for you.


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