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Saturday, September 06, 2008

65th Venice Film Festival Queer Lion Award Winner

Finally the list of films competing for the Queer Lion surfaced with the announcement of the winner. Here is the winner that was in the Venice Days section and also the infamous list.

Queer Lion: Un Altro Pianeta (One Day In a Life), Stefano Tummolini, Italy, 2008

For those that understand Italian, this is the Jury statement.

“Per l’apprezzabile rappresentazione di una galleria di personaggi con storie, vissuti, gioie, speranze, che attraverso sguardi, incontri di corpi, sesso, parole, musica, si conoscono, si confrontano, si amano e si lasciano. La vita insomma, in ‘un altro pianeta’!”.

There is not much information about the movie yet, but if you want to check some pics from the movie go here.

The Official Selection for the Queer Lion Award

From the Venice Official Selection
Nuit de chien, Werner Schroeter, France, Germany and Portugal imDb

From the Orizzonti Section
Jay, Francis Xavier Pasion, Philippines imDb
Khastegi (Tedium), Bahman Montamedian, Iran, 2008 imDb
Il primo giorno d’inverno, Mirko Locatelli, Italy imDb
Below Sea Level, Gianfranco Rossi, Italy and USA (documentary) imDb
Valentino: The Last Emperor, Matt Tyrnauer, USA (documentary) imDb

From Venice Days Section
Pescuit Sportiv (Hooked aka Angling), Adrian Sitaru, Romania and France, 2008 (yes, a must be seen for me!) imDb
Pokrajina Št.2 (Landscape No.2), Vinko Möderndorfer, Slovenia and Serbia, 2008
Venkovský učitel (A Country Teacher), Bohdan Sláma, Czech Republic, Germany and France, 2008 imDb

From the Critics’ Week Section
Lønsj (Cold Lunch), Eva Sørhaug, Norway, 2008 (seems interesting) imDb

From Venice Market
Antartica, Yair Hochner, Israel, 2008 imDb
Ciao, Yen Tan, USA, 2008 imDb
Esprit es-tu là?, Philippe Vallois, France, 2008
The Loast Coast, Gabriel Fleming, USA (could be interesting beyond the gay interest) imDb

Most of the imDb links have very little information about each film, but I’m including them as a reference for those that want to learn more about each film.

This is truly appalling as most of the movies considered for the award are of gay interest; as far as I was able to find information about each movie perhaps only the Romanian movie has a lesbian interest moment (but, in that particular movie I really do not care that much as I’ll watch it with or without the label). Gosh again this year the “quality” of the lesbian interest films does not fit the jury and/or festival requirements. Let’s hope that next year we could have a huge surprise and at least one movie sets its quality standards high and is included in any section of this fest.

To read the official announcement go here available only in Italian.

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