Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Since I’m still in my plain entertainment mood, I decided to give a try to this movie. I was not really interested in seeing it as first Rachel Weisz was no longer in it and second there was too much not positive buzz. But having seen the previous two installments and had good old fun with them I decided to give it a try.

Well, the idea is not bad and perhaps is the least fantasy as plays around with the Chinese Terracotta warriors. But even when the beginning looks promising (and more like a good regular Chinese movie of the Fifth Generation of Chinese filmmakers) as soon as the O’Connell’s appear it changes to something so alike to the last installment of Indiana Jones that becomes ridiculous. It even has a successor, so now the franchise could endlessly live with the young O’Connell.

Then having Maria Bello with a terrible British accent and now competing with husband and son for the “action” moments is honestly too much changes from the two previous stories. But when you add other main characters played by Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Isabella Leong and Anthony Wong all having action moments, it becomes way too much action and totally looses the balance that the other two movies had.

What bothered me the most is to have so many good Chinese actors in total secondary roles, but that most be only me that I’m used to see them as leads.

Anyway, the movie has its moments where you feel entertained, but if you skip the movie you will not be missing much.

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