Thursday, August 28, 2008


There are some movie names that totally tell all, this is one of those movies that easily you can figure out that what you’re seeing in the screen is not what it appears to be just by reading the name. Then it has the same story idea of quite a few other movies; I can rapidly think of that Jennifer Aniston, Vincent Cassel and Clive Owen movie (and flop) called Derailed and another French movie I can’t recall the name. So, it seems that the story is taken from other stories and they just changed the setting, characters and end, but in essence all are alike.

Obviously, knowing what’s going to happen totally ruins the thrilling effect that any thriller should have. Still the movie has a good casting with good performances by Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregorand and quite nice production values with a smoky/darkish cinematography that looks fine at times.

But the only reason I could think for some of you readers to watch this so-called thriller is that Michelle Williams looks quite different to her previous roles, as she plays her sexy role with gusto and she truly becomes unexpected eye candy.

If you decide to skip this movie I do not blame you, as you’ll not be missing much.

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