Friday, June 20, 2008


I think this time I totally have to agree with most critics comments about this movie, as like one says, with the excitement of being able to watch a Nicolas Roeg movie I endured the movie even when after 20 minutes or so, I knew that this was not going to be a good movie.

Tells a story of women having babies mixed with supernatural events with the aid of Nordic Gods, lots of rough sex that you do not totally see, lots of unpleasant special effects, jealousy, witchery, joy, grief and hope. Actually after re-reading the last sentence it sounds good, but no it is not good at all.

I was also exited to be able to see Rita Tushinghan that for some odd reason I still remember her 1964 movie Girl with Green Eyes, but here her character, the matriarch/witch was so not credible that it was a true disappointment. Also here Miranda Richardson that to save words I say ditto (bad character) and cute Kelly Reilly that it was the only cute thing to watch in this awful movie.

The only thing that I didn’t found that bad is the cinematography with very nice takes of beautiful Ireland country landscapes.

No I can’t recommend this movie and if you have it in your skip list, let it stay there.

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