Monday, June 09, 2008

25th Filmfest München

The Munich Film Festival will run from June 20th to 28th and has aprox 237 films in the following sections.

American Independents
CineMerit Award given to Julie Christie “A Magical Actress”
Year of The Dragon
German TV Movies
International Program
Children’s Filmfest
New German Cinema
New French Cinema
Open Air – Fabulous Las Vegas
Retrospective Herbert Achternbusch
Silent Classic
Visones Latinas

I suggest checking the Year of The Dragon section with many interesting Chinese movies; the International Program has many good movies most from Cannes but some are new, especially Boogie by Radu Muntean, Romania starring Ana Maria Marinca; the New French Cinema with some good movies, and of course the Visiones Latinas section with mainly movies from Mexico, but also Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay and Brazil. Check the sections here.

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