Sunday, May 11, 2008

Meet Bill

I was in the mood to see something different so I decided to give this movie a try as was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Basically it starts very promising but then nothing much happens, except more of the same basic slapstick humor in a screwball comedy.

Tells about a sedate and obedient guy that finally sees that he’s living a worthless life and decides to change everything, but you won’t be able to see how he changes as it takes him the whole movie to realize that he is a loser.

I wasn’t expecting a totally comedy and during the movie I was hoping the drama part could start, but it never did. Also I have no idea what Jessica Alba is doing in this movie as the character she plays could have been played by any unknown actress and would have been the same. As a movie is average and the camera is basic concentrated in the characters and nothing else.

Think that the natural target of this movie could be men that perhaps could enjoy it more than women. But unless you enjoy the classic American humor in most teenager movies, you should skip this movie. No, I didn’t like it at all.

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