Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dan in Real Life

I really wanted to see this movie to find out why Juliette Binoche accepted doing this role, as not being a Steve Carell fan I was wondering what she could do with him in an American movie. Well, do not worry, she steals the movie with her magnificent screen presence and is refreshing to see her in a comedy, but have to add that Carell is as good as in his performance in Little Miss Sunshine. Then to my surprise I laugh a lot simultaneously with all the audience, as the jokes and funny moments were really nice and funny, then is also sort of touching and makes you feel a little.

Tells the story of widower with three girls Dan Burns (Carell) that while spending some time with his father and mother and a very large direct family at their parents seaside house goes to a bookstore to pick up the newspaper and meets Marie (Binoche), have coffee and a long conversation, falls for her, she gives him her phone number, say their goodbyes and when he returns home finds that Marie is his brother girlfriend. Obviously the plot thickens as they share with all the family.

Also here with a very small role and a silly character is Emily Blunt, the rest of the cast was okay, except for Dane Cook that plays Dan’s brother and Marie boyfriend, which I believe overacted.

Renown critics are giving the thumb up and found this comment that really describes the way I feel about this movie: “If what you want is a star-driven sophisticated romantic comedy that is successfully aimed at actual adults, the wait can seem like forever. Until now.”

This is a family movie suited for all adult audiences; obviously is not for fans that look forward to Steve Carell doing his usual thing. This is so not Steve Carell usual thing that I even like his performance!


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