Monday, March 07, 2016

69th Bodil Award Winners

Last Saturday night Denmark's National Association of Film Critics had their award ceremony and no doubt that the big winner in this edition is Under sandet (Land of Mine) honored with the top award and more awards.

Have to comment that it's remarkable that film critics top honors go to a movie that is not Denmark's submission to Oscars, a film that made it to the short list of 9 and more important, a film that got an Oscar nomination!   Perhaps the reason why lays behind 2015 being a year with too many Danish films about war and Land of Mine, according to Scandinavian press, has a topic that hasn't been explored in cinema before.  Now I'm curious and yes, has become must-be-seen for me.

To check winners in all categories go official site here. Winners are in *BLUE.

The Filmmedarbejderforeningens (Denmark's National Association of Film Critics) announced the nominations for this major Danish film award. Leading the pack is Sommeren '92 by Kasper Barfoed with five (5) nominations including one for Best Film; following is Tobias Lindholm's Krigen (A War) with four (4) and with three (3) each Lang historie kort (Long Story Short) by May el-Toukhy and Under sandet (Land of Mine) by Martin Zandvliet.

According to Jacob Wendt Jensen, chairman of the Danish Film Critics, it's good to count how many nominations great movies have but also this year is as important to notice that 10 Danish films received at least one nomination, which undoubtedly speaks about how strong/good-quality was 2015 for Danish Cinema. I tend to agree and send my congrats.

Best Feature
Bridgen, Jeppe Rønde
Idealisten, Christina Rosendahl
Krigen (A War), Tobias Lindholm
Sommeren '92, Kasper Barfoed
*Under sandet (Land of Mine), Martin Zandvliet

Best Actress
Ghita Nørby in Nøgle hus spejl (Key House Mirror)
Tuva Novotny in Krigen (A War)
Hannah Murray in Bridgend
*Mille Lehfeldt in Lang historie kort (Long Story Short)
Bodil Jørgensen in Mennesker bliver spist (People Get Eaten)

Best Supporting Actress
*Trine Pallesen in Nøgle hus spejl (Key House Mirror)
Trine Dyrholm in Lang historie kort (Long Story Short)
Dya Josefine Hauch in Lang historie kort (Long Story Short
Lene Maria Christensen in Sommeren ’92
Ruth Brejnholm in Skyggen af en helt (Shadow of a Hero)

Best Actor
Joachim Fjelstrup in Steppeulven (Itsi Bitsi)
Ulrich Thomsen in Sommeren ’92
*Roland Møller in Under sandet (Land of Mine)
Pilou Asbæk in Krigen (A War)
Peter Plaugborg in Idealisten

Best Supporting Actor
Søren Malling in Idealisten
Henning Jensen in Sommeren ’92
Dulfi al-Jabouri in Krigen (A War)
*Louis Hofmann in Under sandet (Land of Mine)
Esben Smed in Sommeren ’92

Best Documentary
Et hjem i verden (At Home in the World), Andreas Kofoed
Misfits, Jannik Splidsboel
Fassbinder – at elske uden at kræve, Christian Braad Thomsen
*The Man Who Saved the World, Peter Anthony
Naturens uorden, Christian Sønderby Jepsen

Best Non-US Feature
Mad Max: Fury Road
La isla mínima (Marshland)

Best US Feature
Inside OUt
Star Wars: Episode VII

Awards ceremony will be on Saturday, March 5 at Bremen Theater and will be broadcast live in several cinemas across Denmark, for more info go here. To read announcement at official site go here -available only in Danish.

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