Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 César Awards - Les Révélations Nominations

Earlier this morning the Academy announced the nominations for the César 2015 and here we have the ten actors that are honored with a nomination.

Perhaps the big surprise among the nominations is that there is NO surprise as the nominees are in some of the French movies that got much buzz since their opening in Cannes or because they became a huge box office success.

Nominees are in *BLUE

Les Révélations 2015

Soumaye Bocoum in Papa was not a Rolling Stone
Armande Boulanger in La pièce manquante
Lolita Chammah in Gaby Baby Doll
*Lou de Laâge in Respire
*Louane Emera in La Famille Bélier
Alice Isaaz in La crème de la crème (Smart Ass)
*Joséphine Japy in Respire
*Ariane Labed in Fidelio, l’odyssée d’Alice
Sofia Lesaffre in Les trois frères, le retour
Mélodie Richard in Métamorphoses
Solène Rigot in Tonnerre
Ariana Rivoire in Marie Heurtin (Marie's Story)
Anna Sigalevitch in Loup‐Garou
Philippine Stindel in Mercuriales
Assa Sylla in Bande de filles (Girlhood)
*Karidja Touré in Bande de filles (Girlhood)

*Kévin Azaïs in Les Combattants (Fighters)
Thomas Blumenthal in La crème de la crème (Smart Ass)
Bastien Bouillon in Le beau monde (High Society)
Zacharie Chasseriaud in La belle vie (The Good Life)
Félix de Givry in Eden
Romain Depret in Vie Sauvage
*Ahmed Dramé in Les Héritiers
*Kirill Emelyanov in Eastern Boys
Jean‐Baptiste Lafarge in dans La crème de la crème (Smart Ass)
Ymanol Perset in Colt 45
Jules Ritmanic in Vie Sauvage
*Pierre Rochefort in Un beau dimanche (Going Away)
Fayçal Safi in L’Apôtre
Thomas Soliveres in À toute épreuve (The Grad Job)
Daniil Vorobjev in Eastern Boys
*Marc Zinga in Qu’Allah bénisse la France (May Allah Bless France!)

The César Awards nominations will be announced on January 28, 2015. But before on January 12 will be the Revelations Dinner where they will do and publish the group and individual photos plus the album will become available. The Awards ceremony will be on February 20th at Théâtre du Châtelet.

LES RÉVÉLATIONS 2015 réalisé par Mathieu César from Académie des César on Vimeo.

Today in Paris was the announcement of the thirty-two (32) actors that were selected by the Academy as the Newcomers Selection.

The actresses from Respire by Mélanie Laurent and Bande de Filles by Céline Sciamma plus the actors of La Crème de la Crème by Kim Cahpiron make those three films the most honored in this selection.

Now French Academy members will vote to select the nominees in the 2015 César Awards Best Female Newcomer and Best Male Newcomer categories.

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