Wednesday, December 05, 2012

2012 Premio Sur Award Winners

From news winners are in *BLUE. Link to official site will come as they update.

Infancia Clandestina sweep this edition as won all top awards plus more for a total of 10 awards out of the 16 nominations it had. Even when not won Best First Film, El último Elvis collected 6 awards to be the second most honored film.

Pablo Giorgelli's Las Acacias is so-good that I'm glad was honored at "home" after winning many honors in the international festival circuit.


A while back the Argentinean Academy announced the nominees for this year's Premio Sur and Infancia Clandestina, which is Argentina's submission to Oscar, tops the ranking with 16 nominations followed by El último Elvis (13), Elefante blanco (11), Las Acacias (9) and Dos más Dos (8).

Truth is that thanks to the very non-friendly Academy official site I forgot about this award but better now than never; besides the award ceremony will be soon, in December, and of course I wasn't able to find the exact date for the ceremony in the official site, but from news seems that will be on December 4th, 2012.

These are the nominees for some categories and if you wish to check all the categories please go here.

Best Film
El último Elvis (The Last Elvis), Armando Bo
Elefante Blanco (White Elephant), Pablo Trapero
*Infancia Clandestina (Clandestine Childhood), Benjamín Ávila
Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli

Best First Film
El último Elvis (The Last Elvis), Armando Bo
*Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli
Medianeras (Sidewalls), Gustavo Taretto
Todos Tenemos un Plan (Everybody Has a Plan), Ana Piterbag

Best Director
*Benjamín Ávila for Infancia Clandestina, (Clandestine Childhood)
Armando Bo for El último Elvis (The Last Elvis)
Pablo Giorgelli for Las Acacias
Pablo Trapero for Elefante Blanco, (White Elephant)

Best Actress
Julieta Díaz in Dos más dos, Diego Kaplan
Dolores Fonzi in El Campo (In the Open), Hernán Belón
*Natalia Oreiro in Infancia clandestina (Clandestine Childhood), Benjamín Ávila
Carla Peterson in Dos más Dos, Diego Kaplan

Best Actor
*Ernesto Alterio in Infancia clandestina (Clandestine Childhood), Benjamín Ávila
Ricardo Darín in Elefante Blanco, (White Elephant), Pablo Trapero
Germán De Silva in Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli
Adrián Suar in Dos más Dos, Diego Kaplan

There are a couple of films I have not seen but from those I have definitively Las Acacias is my favorite to win honors.

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